Thursday, July 29, 2010


I recieved the Twig Ring yesterday! I had no idea it was coming from the UK. I love it a lot and it fits perfectly. I'm going to sew myself a dress to go with my new ring, yeah well that's how I do it. Jewelry first, clothes second. This is the dress I'm thinking on making. Mine will be pink and silver.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Voting has arrived!

Ravelers! Please come VOTE for your favorite name.

I hope you choose mine, #2.

More new projects and giveaways

I've started yet another two projects. Both for 18" dolls, I plan on keeping one and sending the other to a Charity Auction.

Here's a giveaway for 100% Cashmere yarn. Yum.
Jewelry giveaway.
More jewelry.

I was contacted by the company who makes the afore mentioned dolls. So maybe I will be getting a new doll or two, if they fix the problem and properly root hair for the dolls.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bummers and a Giveaway

Okay, bad news first:
I decided I wanted to try dyeing a dolls hair. I wanted an 18" doll with glow in the dark pink hair, so I go out to buy a Springfield doll. My local Michaels doesn't have a blond one... So I go to a different Michaels and discover that Springfield has decided to update their dolls, they have new eyes, they come in a box, they come with a dress and for some reason they have less hair! I bought one but when I got her home and out of the box, she was going bald! She actually had three spots where hair hadn’t been rooted and the places with hair didn’t have much. So I returned her to yet another Michaels and looked at their other dolls, they had blond ones and red heads, all of the dolls seemed to have this same radiation poisoning or something. It’s unbelievable! I mean I knew Springfield was a cheap doll, but I didn’t know they were that cheap!
I have a Springfield doll, I got her about a year or so ago, she has a full head of hair, very thick in comparison with the blond one I had for a short while. So I think the older Springfield dolls are of better quality than the new ones, maybe they’re spending too much money on the dresses and boxes and not enough on the doll. I would rather have a naked doll in a bag, with a full head of hair, than a balding doll in a box, that comes with a crappy dress.
So anyway, I wanted her for her hair in the first place! A bald doll wouldn't do me any good.... So I'm disappointed, mad and a little bit sad.....

But I have this giveaway to cheer me up;
Fishing and Wishing has a gift card to Toastory, they have some awesome stuff so check it out!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's time to

buckle down and finish all the things I've started lately.
Which include three hats, a washcloth and two outfits for 18" dolls.

On another note here are two giveaways you should probably enter;
Fishing and Wishing is giving away four pins by the talented crew at Eye Candy
And Fishing and Wishing are also giving away any item from Trendy Patterns

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Oh, what a beautiful day!
As they say in the song.
I woke up this morning and found out I won this awesome ring! Thank you so much, Melanie and Michael!
Such a nice way to start the day, don't you think?
Now I have to figure out what size my finger is.... We have a ring sizer around here somewhere...

Also I would add the Fishing and Wishing buttons, but I don't know how.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I feel as though...

I need more yarn and dolls. I already have lots of Barbie dolls and one Springfield doll, but I want more! I want Pita of the Karito Kids dolls, I really like Japanese Ball Jointed dolls and so many others. And I already have a very large wardrobe full of yarn......

So anyway, the blog Fishing and Wishing is having several awesome giveaways right now!

First we have this giveaway, the prize being a creation by, Michael Lionel.

Next we have this giveaway, the prize is a one of a kind monster by LazyTulip.

Also this giveaway, the prize is a gift card to JAFRA.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some plans should be ruined!

Namely the plan to start five new projects only. I have, in the last couple of weeks, started about eight new projects. I've finished two so far. But I'm certainly not upset about it!

I'm designing a few patterns for doll clothes, Barbie and 18" dolls.

Okay, I have to go back to my yarn now.