Sunday, February 28, 2010


Alright! I actually finished a project a couple of days ago! It was my first sweater to boot! Although I also started a new project yesterday, slippers, but I think I'll be able to finish them today or tomorrow.

I finally figured out what my hobby is: Collecting Hobbies
I've decided to learn Chinese Knotting and Needle Felting. I also want to learn Wood Carving.

I really wish I was better at finishing projects... I've started several projects using patterns by Roxycraft and Beth Doherty. (Some of my favorite crochet designers) I was just catching up on Mz. Dohertys blog today so I saw all these pics of her amigurumis, makes me want them..... I should really finish the three projects that I started using her patterns, let's see I have two of these on the hooks and one these. (Ravelry links) And of all her awesome patterns, the one I have actually finished is this. Don't get me wrong, I love the sweet little dead fishy, but I want a really beautiful amigurumi doll......... So I guess I should be crocheting instead of whining....

I think I'll go finish the slippers, or eat.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year Resolution (also late)

My New Years resolution is to finish all my old projects and try not to start a new project until I finish the old ones. So far I've started four new projects, finished one them and I've done a little work on some of the old ones..... Not looking good for the resolution. But I have 'til the end of this year so I still have a chance.... Kinda......

This is late....

But I don't care. I finished all of my Christmas knitting/crocheting for 2009! On time! I made a gift for all three of my siblings, both my parents and a gift for my grandparents. I'm very proud of myself. I made legwarmers for my sister (my own design), socks for my dad, a roll pillow for my mom (my own design), a dice bag for my little brother, a dragon for my older brother and a longhorn for my grandparents. And a hat, that my whole can share.