Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Etsy Wish List - $101

I'm sorry Craft Gossip my wish list is $101 dollars... But I would totally pay the extra dollar! This wish list is for this giveaway.

So I really want this Pirate Guinea Pig $20

I would love to learn Needle Felting and this looks like a great kit! $20

I would also love to learn to spin this seems like the perfect kit, $10

My family recently discovered Doctor Who (David Tennant), so I would really love this book, Spoilers! $24

And because I love notebooks and Pirates this is just the book for me!
Last but not least this awesome ring, which I would need in a size 11, I know big fingers! $7

So my total is $101 I hope that's okay! Like I said I will so pay the dollar if I need too! Thank you so much.

I created this wish list for several reasons,
1st being this giveaway
2nd being my birthday is coming up ;)
3rd I really want to expand my crafty skills
and 4th I love that Pirate Guinea Pig and really wanted to post him on my blog!

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