Monday, August 25, 2014

Over a year later...

So I think it's obvious that I am not the most dedicated blogger.  But I decided to chronicle my adventures of;
The Great Smuppet Christmas of 2014!

Basically I have a personality quirk, that I'll say some random/crazy 'plan' that someone will tell me is random/crazy and that I shouldn't do it.  I then, of course, have to follow through, despite mental and/or physical damage to myself and others around me.

There being the ingredients of the following scenario.  I've begun reading Homestuck.  I came across the part in act two where Dave gets buried in Smuppets and I was talking to my brother about it, he's the one who started me reading Homestuck.  And I told him I wanted to make a bunch of Smuppets and bury him in them.  In fact I wanted to haunt him with them, he'd receive/find one a day in creepy/weird places all the way up to Christmas.  Where the climax of burying him would ensue.
He told that it was a stupid and crazy plan, it would be a waste of time and materials, finishing with telling me not to do it.  :^D

Thus begins my epic sewing task!

So I'll be making 26 Smuppets in all (one is for another Homestuck pal).  Plus one super special surprise for Christmas as well.  I'll start by making one to check that everything works out, then I'll do a factory line of the rest.  I'll be using lishlitz patterns from deviant.

As of right now, I have a large collection of fleece in different colors and I have printed the pattern out.  I think that's a pretty good start.

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