Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DWTS rant-y 2

Okay, I don't usually like mimes, but I did like Steve-Os dance. I thought it told a lovely story and it was actually really pretty with all the music and everything. He looked slightly uncomfortable through parts of it, but as the fourth (self appointed) judge, I give him an 8.
As for Gilles... So, the dance was awesome, but all of their dances have the same story, a three letter word that rhymes with vex. Which is making Cheryl Burke just look like a slut, I'm beginning to think this is because she actually is a slut. So I give them an 8 and this advice: Not all the dances have the same story to them. And I don't think you have to make them all have sex as the storyline. Get with the personality of the dance!

BTW a rant-y is a slight rant, a baby rant if you will.

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