Monday, April 20, 2009


So the movie finally came in. Me and my family watched it yesterday. And what a pleasant surprise, we loved it! I can't for the life of me tell you why I liked it. It moved slow at times, the movie was filled with half-conversations and it was weird. But we plan to watch it again! I still don't like the male lead. I know it's probably not his fault, but I blame him for ruining the character, Cedric Diggery in the Harry Potter movie. I mean in the book when Cedric died I kinda felt like crying, in the movie I felt like laughing. "He was a fierce friend!" What does that even mean? He punches you as he says, I love ya man! Not to mention there was this weird scene where he had his head in some guys lap and the guy was playing with Cedric's hair... Then he tells Harry to take a bath! Can you say 'gay perv?' But anyway besides that, I also don't find the actor attractive. I thought vampires were supposed to be sexy and gorgeous.

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