Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girl of the Year 2012 Contest Entry

Name: Nancy Andrews

Personality: Shy and scared of almost everything.

Story: Nancy loves detectives, she loves to read detective novels (she even claims she was named after famous girl detective Nancy Drew), she loves to watch detective movies and shows. She really wants to grow up to be a detective, just one problem, she has no courage. But when her faithful bloodhound, Miss Marple, goes missing she has to find her courage to find her dog. Will she be able to overcome her fears? Can she put her detective knowledge to use? What happened to Miss Marple? Find out in, Meet Nancy.


Gabby said...

So cute! I love mysteries and I think this doll would be a great GOTY!


Emma said...

Hi Kjo! I was wondering when you were going to take pics of your dolls with your prizes.

Emma said...


Slim said...

Why do you have such a creepy icon?

Emma said...

Hi Slim!