Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Revised Favorites and Progress!

Okay, so I changed my mind about my favorite AG dolls... So in no particular order my dolls or wish they were my dolls list;

Elizabeth - Whom I have and renamed Angelique
Lanie GOTY 2010 - Who I'm getting for Christmas and will probably rename... Maybe something French. Though at the moment I'm calling her, Laine.
Kit - (and her friend Ruthie, maybe the best friend collection is in my future... Distant future, but still.) I would rename them, Lara and Maggie. Again after Dark Shadows.

Julie! (and Ivy)- I super love the 70's right now... ABBA! (not to be mistaken with the semi-terrible movie/play/musical, Mama Mia!) If I get Julie I might rename her, Agnetha, Anna, Anni-Frid or ABBA... Yeah, I know... I would also want all of her accessories, especially her Floral Jumpsuit.

Lindsey GOTY 2001 - I have no idea why she was so disliked when she came out... If I had been more interested in dolls at that time I might have asked for her. She kind of looks like me, except I have black eyes... They are so not blue.

Nellie - Again, if I had been aware of my love of dolls at that time I would probably have asked for her, before she was retired.

Surely you have noticed my themes, blonds or short hair. So strange... I never particularly thought about my liking blonds, actually I used to think I didn't like blonds at all... Don't kid yourself, KJo. Just look at your AG choices and Barbies for that matter.

Anyway about the afore mentioned progress. I have made four out of five gifts for my family! Just one more to go. I have also made two gifts and bought a gift for a dear friend of mine. And even made a present for her daughter. So I have to get those things in the mail. Hopefully today.
I also hope my package from AG Fun arrives today.


Hannah said...

Sorry for the delay, but your gift should arrive at the latest Christmas Eve. Hope you have a great day! Hannah

Hannah said...

Also, how did you here about our blog? Hannah

KJo said...

Oh, good! No problem, I just get to be excited waiting for a while longer. ;)

I believe I found your blog through a google search for AG stuff.

Hannah said...

Hi, KJo! Are you going to take pictures of your dolls soon? I can't wait to see Lanie! Thanks for commenting on our blog! Hannah