Sunday, March 29, 2009


I just remembered a funny story. This happened to us a couple o' weeks ago.

We (my mother driving, I was sittin' shotgun and my three siblings were in the back) were driving out of the parking lot of the grocery store when this guy flagged us over. Mom pulled over and rolled down my window. The guys car hood was open and it looked like he had pulled out the car battery. He said, "I'm waiting for the wrecker. There's a woman with a baby at the Marta stop, up on 400." He looked like he would go on forever so mom asked, "What do you need?" "Bus tokens, or money to buy bus tokens. I will pay you back!" he went to his car and came back with this stack of papers, which looked like mail. (I think at this point he also said where he works) Mom asked, "How much are they?" "I'm not sure, they used to be like a dollar, a dollar fifty. It's been a while since I've been on the bus." He was beginning to kind of ramble again, my sister found a five in her purse, she handed it to mom. Mom handed it to me and I handed it to the guy. And he asked, "How am I going to pay you back?" Mom asked, "What's your name?" "Darnell." "God bless, Darnell!" And we drove off. We could still kind of see him while we were at the red light, and he was sittin' on his front bumper with his mouth open, dumbfounded. We went on with our shopping and on our way home we drove past the store again. He wasn't there, so we kind of assume he was tellin' the truth. Anyway we decided we wouldn't take as though we had been scammed we took as, "If he was scamming us, he did a hell of a job!" So we decided either way we were just tippin' the street performer.

This might not be as funny reading it as it was being there. And I can't remember all the details. Anyway thought I'd share.

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