Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kool Aid dye!

Me and my sister might be trying to dye yarn for the first time! Using Kool Aid and Red Hearts Heart and Sole (Ravelry link). It should be fun and educational.

Yesterday we all went to a comic book/drawing class at our local library (coolest places ever), the teachers were famous, professional comic book artists! The creators of Galaxy Man. They made sketches of me and my sister! (if scanning them comes out, I'll post pics) We learned bunches and bunches which will (hopefully) improve our drawing skills. And we got them all to our selves. Which is kinda sad... 'Cuz if we hadn't shown up, they would have come all that way for nothing. (they live miles away) We've been to that same class three times now, but last night we got a whole new experience! One-on-one advice for each of us. They looked at our art, told us how we can improve it and even gave us personal challenges/assignments. It was way cool. And a lot of fun. And to me it looked like they were having a lot of fun to, they got to do something new, instead of doing their semi-scripted routine teaching.

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