Friday, March 27, 2009

I've not had my coffee...

Okay, question: Have you ever tried designing something that you've never made before? That's what I'm doing. I've never knit a shawl before and yet here I am designing one. What's a girl to do? I guess I should find a shawl pattern and start making it. I would also have to go out and buy some new yarn! (any excuse will do!) So I know what yarn and colorway I want to use. Sensations Rainbow Boucle in Green(Ravelry link). I think it'll make an excellent shawl.

You ever have a dream, with someone in it that you've never seen before and then see them in real life? That happened to me yesterday. I dreamed that my family adopted a girl, she was about my age (or something like that), she had reddish/auburn hair that came to a soft curl and she was shy at first but when she warmed up to us she was talkative. We called her Kay. Well I don't know why but I looked up adoption photo listings and I found her. Her name is Kayla, she was born the same month and year as me she looks just like Kay! So we were kind of getting excited, "Are we meant to adopt her?" then we saw that she is a member of the LDS Church. And that it means a lot to her... Well she probably wouldn't want to live with us. We're Christians through and through, so even though we don't really care (we might be able to convert her) she might. And so even though I've never met her I kinda feel like I lost someone important to me... Or someone who could have been important.

It is seriously depressing how many children are up for adoption. The numbers are staggering! (550,000)
So if you can or are able or maybe you've thought about it, adopt.

Okay.... So back to my wonderful world of yarn! BYBY!

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