Thursday, March 26, 2009

Since tomorrow never comes, I'm technically not late in posting this.

I learned to crochet not to long ago and of late it's been eating up my knitting time. All though I do crochet more, I love knitting the most. It's not as hard on my wrist as crochet. Knitting feels so wonderful on my hands, it gives me that feeling of going home. That kind of warm, fuzzy, happy feeling you get inside, yeah that's knitting for me. So I should really get back to my U.F.Os (I have soooo many)... *Pout* But I LOVE starting new projects. Any excuse to start a new project! I should also get back to my drawing... I wish I weren't such a lazy procrastinator........ Ah, well!

In case there are any Ravelers reading this: Go and 'love' your fave! Personally I love the Barbie hoodie.

So... Ta, ta, for now!

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